Victoria TNR has so many wonderful volunteers and partners.  There have been so many of you that it isn’t possible to list everyone who has helped, but there are a few to whom we’d like to give special thanks.

Dr. Sandra Cochran, Acres of Animals Boarding Kennel, deserves more than thanks.  She has provided all of our veterinary services, including spay and neuter procedures.  Our operations would not have been possible without her dedication to our cause.

Special thanks go out to the Austin Humane Society, the San Antonio Humane Society, the San Antonio Small Animal League, and The Cattery in Corpus Christi for their help this past year.  They have taken many of our cats and kittens into their adoption programs, opening up more space in our program for orphaned kittens and abandoned cats unable to remain in a colony.  A big thank you goes to Pam for finding these new partners and acting as go-between.

Our volunteer, Susan, is so vital to our cat room, coming regularly to help with cleaning and other chores.  June Secrist has taken-on many of the more difficult foster cases this past year, giving the time and patience necessary to pull them though and get them healthy.  Cindy Schneider has supplied endless energy and her vehicle has logged many miles to trap and transport our charges.

We have such appreciation for our volunteers and friends.  Some have been able to give hours, some minutes, and some just a pat on the back.  Whatever you have done, we give thanks for your support and thanks for caring.